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Successful nonprofit organizations have to have a sharp eye on two bottom lines - one on financial strength & sustainability - and the other on the social good generated by delivering real value to their clients and customers. Its a real balancing act that has not gotten any easier over time.

In an effort to shed a spotlight on some of our region's most successful nonprofits, we are proud to be publishing our 9th annual Central Massachusetts Giving Guide. The goal of this publication is to provide an easy-to-read snapshot of each organization's mission and goals, top volunteer activities and major events, as well as a list of board members and senior leadership. While you may be familiar with many of these organizations, we're confident that you'll discover a few new things you didn't know. We've got a dynamic nonprofit community, and the best organizations are always evolving and adapting their services to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

Business and community leaders have a long tradition of giving back to the area's non-profit community, and you'll see the names of many top executives and committed corporate citizens on the boards of these nonprofits. Engaging with our nonprofit community is not only energizing for those on the board of directors, but also for a wide variety of companies and their employees who volunteer their time and find great satisfaction in giving back to those in need.

Supporting our nonprofit community is integral to the mission of our partners in the Giving Guide, the United Way and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. It is great to be teaming up with them again in producing this annual directory.

Our region's business community has a rich tradition of engagement with our nonprofit community. Done right, it is a rewarding partnership for both parties. If you or your company want to become more involved, dig into the Giving Guide and find more out about the exciting work that these organizations are doing.

Peter Stanton
New England Business Media

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