Central Massachusetts: Celebrating Life

Ever since the first settler's boots touched upon Worcester soil, the City has attracted its fair share of innovative, creative, and daring individuals who have left their mark. Men like Ichabod Washburn, Stephen Salisbury, and Robert Goddard helped to launch manufacturing, appreciation for the arts, and scientific discovery in the region; they also set the path for future entrepreneurs and companies who would in time make their own breakthroughs in industry, technology, and medicine.

Heart of the Commonwealth Book

The striking photographic images and the forty-five profiles of leading organizations within these pages mirror the characteristics the region's founding fathers possessed. The companies, non-profit organizations, financial and academic institutions, health care facilities, museums, entertainment venues, and other businesses featured in this book represent the tangible growth, innovation, leadership, excellence, and optimism that continue to energize the Heart of the Commonwealth.

Consider this book a guided tour through a region rich with the amenities of a large metropolis, the warmth of a mid-size city, and the natural beauty of a historic countryside with a vast array of attractions in between. As you examine every facet of the Central Massachusetts area through your pictorial journey, we hope you come to appreciate the fullness of life in the region, the vitality of the people who live here, and the bountiful opportunities that exist in the Heart of the Commonwealth.

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This full-color, HARD-COVER book includes 172 pages showcasing the beauty, cultural life, work and play of our region.

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