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Is the concept of tenured college faculty ripe for change? Suffolk University in Boston recently announced it would require all tenured faculty to undergo performance reviews that could, in some cases, lead to dismissals. Across academia, many professors with tenure are all but assured job security for as long as they hold their jobs, free from the job reviews that professionals in other industries face. Critics of Suffolk's move say it could potentially jeopardize academic freedom. But proponents argue that providing a more rigorous review of tenured faculty helps an institution maintain educational quality amid the spiraling costs of higher education. In addition, many schools' increased use of adjunct professors has been due, in part, to the much higher cost of tenured faculty. “Parents, students, accrediting agencies, and the federal government are no longer willing to accept 'Take our word for it; we're doing a good job', ” Suffolk President James McCarthy recently told The Boston Globe. In this week's Flash Poll, we ask:
Should more colleges and universities follow Suffolk’s lead and require more rigorous reviews of tenured faculty?
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