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Worcester insurer Fallon Health – a company whose workforce is 81-percent women – on July 10 announced two new hires into its executive team: Carolyn Langer as chief medical officer and Mary Ritter as senior vice president of strategy and business development. The new hires makes the 10-person Fallon executive team 50-percent women.
What portion of your company’s executive team are women?

07/18/18 AT 01:42 PM
In this day and age, if I didn't hear about it so much in the media, I'd be surprised to hear that people are still so caught up with this gender difference issue. I personally don't give it a second thought and I don't notice that happening in my surroundings. Sometimes, I wonder if the issue is exacerbated by people being so involved in it. But, again, maybe I'm missing something or, as some of my friends tell me, "you should go out more."
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