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Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts for recreational purposes, and sales of cannabis products should begin within weeks. However, state law does not protect marijuana users from employment discrimination.
Does your company deny employment in the event of a positive marijuana test?

07/24/18 AT 04:02 PM
The corporate office is in Indiana and they will follow the policies on hand - no exceptions. It's also good that they maintain their core values instead of placating to local interests

07/24/18 AT 04:02 PM
In the 2,000 years of marijuana consumption, not a single fatality has been reported. Cannabis is less harmful to human health than aspirin, which kills from 3000 to 4000 people annually.

07/24/18 AT 04:02 PM
Our company must take a serious review of our policies if we are to remain competitive.

07/24/18 AT 04:02 PM
We service the aviation industry, it is strictly forbidden by regulation.
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