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Ofo, the China-based bikesharing company that brought its dockless yellow bikes to Worcester, left the city in July as it scales down its U.S. operations. The City of Worcester said it is working to bring a similar service to back to the city.
What should Worcester do to replace bikesharing service ofo?

07/31/18 AT 03:33 PM
Focus on public transportation. So many people need it, and yet the city does not promote it for the millennials who come from larger urban areas. Improve the WRTA!! NOW!!

07/31/18 AT 03:33 PM
Use a Massachusetts-based dockless bikeshare company that is killing it nationwide! Zagster/Pace

07/31/18 AT 03:33 PM
With the hills of Worcester, we need electric scooters like Lime instead of bikes.

07/31/18 AT 03:33 PM
Electric scooters would be more fun and as a result more likely to get used. Companies like Lime and Bird are doing it and doing it well. Charlotte NC has them and I used them. So much fun and so useful. They are just left where you leave them and get picked up by anybody in the area who needs it. They just get dropped all over the city. There's a van that goes around and grabs them when they need charging. Best time I've had in a while.

07/31/18 AT 03:33 PM
I wasn't sure whether to choose option 2 or option 3 as I just don't know how well (or how terribly) the OFO system worked. I am definitely in favor of alternative transportation, especially one that produces no fuel emissions and provides people with some much needed exercise.
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