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To entice the Pawtucket Red Sox to move, Worcester will borrow about $101 million to fund the construction of a new Canal District ballpark development, which also will include hotels and apartments. The team is putting up $6 million up front and will pay the team about $30 million in rent over the 30-year lease to help pay back the loans. The city says the project will pay for itself with revenues from a special taxing district surrounding the development. In Rhode Island, the team would have had to put up $45 million in upfront construction costs in addition to likely lease payments.
Is the WooSox stadium deal good for Worcester?

08/21/18 AT 09:53 PM
The land needs to be used for a good cause. There are enough colleges, medical facilities, courthouses and living environments. We are missing some sports which could attract some consumers to shop and more tourists -- year round.

08/21/18 AT 02:55 PM
Would we not be better off building a $100-million school at that location?

08/21/18 AT 02:55 PM
This is a huge win for Worcester. Even by itself, this would be a major coup for the City. But when you add in the ancillary private development around the ballpark, the public investment in the area and the development activity that already exists in and around downtown and the Canal District, it is a further continuation of Worcester's renaissance that is unprecedented in over 100 years.

08/21/18 AT 02:55 PM
Unlike many publicly-funded stadium deals, this is not a "Hail Mary"

08/21/18 AT 02:55 PM
Another win for Worcester. The two added hotels will also attract Golf tournaments to the area, like the 2025 Solheim Cup at Worcester Country Club. Polar Park - I love it.

08/21/18 AT 02:55 PM
People are equally excited about the imminent improvements to Kelley Square, which will likely remove Worcester from the notorious list of the Ten Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers (NerdWallet ranks Worcester 10th). This alone is worth the potential savings in insurance premiums, time, and law enforcement resources.

08/21/18 AT 11:17 AM
Worcester was placed on the map when it secured JetBlue flights at the new improved Worcester Airport, then sought to be the new Amazon HQ2 and now with the coup of securing the PawSox, it's again in the news and on the map. Just wonder for the dot centrally situated on the map of Massachusetts. This will bring residents from Western Mass. who would never travel to RI - a new infusion of interest in Worcester.

08/21/18 AT 11:16 AM
These deals almost never work. Have you seen the area around McCoy? It is definitely not revitalized.

08/21/18 AT 11:16 AM
101 million from a city that can't even manage its revitalization projects? Airport redevelopment??

08/21/18 AT 11:16 AM
Worcester draws from same pool as Red Sox. RI drew from farther away. RI largely won't come to Worcester.
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