October 15, 2018

101: Recruiting mistakes

Ready, set, hire! The position has been opened up, the budget approved. Before you have a promising candidate sign on the dotted line, here are some tips to keep in mind about recruiting.

Respect candidates' boundaries. This, from RecruiterBox.com, a hiring software company: It's important to remember those candidates you are cold-calling at work about positions still have other jobs – and their supervisor may be right there. Requiring interview after interview is also not OK. "Remember, you're asking them to leave work, and they'll most likely have to make up an excuse for their absence … No one likes being put in that position, especially time and time again," an article at the site reminds hiring managers.

Stay in touch throughout the process. Keep candidates in the loop, even if there is no news to offer yet. "You'll never go into a weekend without hearing from me," says Stacy Zapar, founder of The Talent Agency. "Even if there's no news, I'll let you know," she's quoted as saying in a LinkedIn article by Maxwell Huppert. Even if they wanted your company's opportunity, they may take something else if they haven't heard from your company in weeks.

Don't move too fast. With lots of projects in the pipeline, it can be tempting to hire the first candidate with the right education and background. But not so fast. "With the wrong person, you'll have wasted valuable time and resources if things don't work out and they leave. What's worse, other team members will be stressed and frustrated by having to carry the under-performer," says an article on MindTools.com. In other words, the time spent being picky about who joins your team is time well spent.


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