October 29, 2018
Focus on outstanding women in business

Outstanding Women in Business: 2016 Alumnae

Katie Crockett

Katie Crockett

2016: Vice president at Lamoureux Pagano Associates in Worcester

Now: President at Lamoureux Pagano & Associates in Worcester

Much has happened since Katie Crockett of Worcester's Lamoureux Pagano won an Outstanding Women in Business Award in 2016. The main thing? She moved up even further in the architecture firm where she's worked since the 1990s – and now leads the company – the third president in the history of the firm and the first woman.

Crockett's career was taking off just as their daughter was born. Her husband was their daughter's main caregiver while Crockett worked. The arrangement was not as common then as it's becoming now.

"It allowed me to do what I am doing," she said of the couple's teamwork.

But over the past few years, Crockett happily sees a shift in the overall work-family balance in the once-male-dominated field.

"These women are quality architects, working things out," she said.

She tells of men and women alternating sick days to care for their ill children, or men working part time to help with child care.

"This evolution is exciting to see," she said.

Some things, however, won't change at Lamoureux Pagano, Crockett said. Namely, its commitment to Central Mass. projects, like the Mechanics Hall renovation and Fitchburg City Hall, and community-service activities.

Team members prefer their projects be close to home.

Foundation work is underway for a $200-million, 360,000-square-foot South High Community School in Worcester, one of the firm's biggest projects ever. Expected to open in 2021, it's an example of the kind of local project Crockett is proud to take on.

More than 1,400 low-income and homeless students from 70 countries will attend the new school, behind the existing one. The 70 countries theme is being worked into the design, she said.

"Someone who understands the context for the building has the potential to do the best job," she said. "To bring forward all that information early in design so it's embedded as it evolves," she said. "It makes it fun."

This kind of project with purpose will continue for Crockett and her team.

Matilde Castiel, M.D.

Matilde Castille

2016 & now: Commissioner of health and human services for the City of Worcester

What have been your career highlights since 2016? Agency collaborations to improve health care for our community.

How about your personal highlights? The Outstanding Women in Business Award made me believe in myself. I so wanted my share with my father – whom had passed away – that he did it all. I couldn't have done it without him.

Julie Crowley

Julie Crowley

2016: Regional project manager for the Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Quality Consortium at Mount Wachusett Community College in Devens

Now: Community outreach counselor for MassHire North Central Career Center in Leominster

What have been your career highlights since 2016? Our regional and national teams on the Massachusetts Department of Labor-funded AMMQC completed the four-year grant, meeting or exceeding our goals. This grant provided training programs to underemployed and unemployed individuals, building their skills to allow them to enter living-wage positions. The grant allowed MWCC to purchase more than $1 million in state-of-the-art equipment ordered with input from local manufactures.

And personally? I've partially retired from the state in 2016 to spend more time with my family, especially my grandchildren. I work part-time at the local career center under the adult basic education program as an outstationed community outreach counselor.

How has the world changed since 2016? For the public services sector, I see greater opportunities to partner with other agencies to provide greater services to our clients.

Michelle Drolet

Michelle Drolet

2016 & now: CEO of Towerwall, Inc. in Framingham

What have been your career highlights since being a 2016 honoree? Expanded our information service offerings to include GDPR and SOC2 readiness assistance. Expanded our team too!

And personally? Cancer free!

How has the world changed? It is a little darker and more intolerant. I am hopeful no matter your views, we can be civil and able to listen without getting violent. It is ok to disagree.

Antonia “Toni” McGuire

Antonia McGuire

2016 & now: President & CEO of Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester (retiring in July)

What have been your career highlights since being a 2016 honoree? A perfect score on the Health Resource & Services Administration federal site visit. The growth of our Milford site from just a few thousand to over 6,000 patients. Kennedy CHC developed both a fall event and a spring walk. Framingham site expanded pharmacy and dental into new site on Waverly Street. The health center has joined two accountable care organizations.

And personally? I've become a grandmother (Nanny) to two amazing girls, Amelia and Beatrix! I've joined the board of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts. I have announced my retirement after working with health centers for 30 years!

How has the world changed since 2016? Just like the weather in New England, health care is always in a state of change. The current market trend shift to accountable care requires us to work a bit differently and to adapt our systems of patient care and payment accordingly. I love the current market trend to active living and healthy eating – farmers markets and community events teaching kids how to live well. That should always be the goal of health care institutions, to teach populations to "Be well, live well."

Liora Stone

Liora Stone

2016 & now: President of Precision Engineering Inc. in Uxbridge

What have been your career highlights since 2016? Celebrating 30 years in business, and my continued development as a leader.

And personally? Over the past two years, I have developed so many new and wonderful relationships, with people who started as business colleagues and are now true friends. Along with my beloved family and cherished long-time friends, these new friends cheer me on and lift me up.

How has the world changed since 2016? The evolution in the breaking of the glass ceiling. The continued increase in opportunities for women to pursue whatever possibility they choose, the growth of women's confidence in doing so, and their ability to achieve success.

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