January 21, 2019

Cultivate to ditch self-imposed marijuana purchase limits

Customers wait in line to purchase recreational marijuana at Cultivate in Leicester.

After months of product purchase limits due to a high demand and being one of only two recreational cannabis stores on the East Coast, Cultivate is now allowing customers to purchase up to the state's legal limits during the week.

That includes up to an ounce of marijuana or five grams of marijuana concentrate available at the Leicester store. For edibles, the package can't have more than 20 single servings or more than 100 milligrams of THC.

Purchases up to the legal limits will only be allowed during weekdays, according to Francy Wade, a spokesperson for Cultivate.

Previously, Cultivate was only allowing up to an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, two pre-rolled joints or two concentrates.

Even that didn't help to conserve product from demanding customers, as the store would sometimes run out of products for the adult-use market, usually edibles.

The store opened for medical use in November 2017 and opened nearly exactly a year later for adult-use sales, becoming one of two stores east of the Mississippi River to sell recreational marijuana.

Now, eight stores are fully licensed to sell recreational marijuana, but Cultivate has been busy during the last two months, including hiring more personnel to ramp up production.

According to Wade, the company has added 15 jobs since it began selling to the legal market. In a statement, President Sam Barber said consumer demand was much higher than what was first expected. Long lines of vehicles and people told that story for the first few weeks the store was opened.

"Our team has worked tirelessly to ramp up production over the last month-and-a-half to meet that demand with the highest quality products," Barber said.


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