May 21, 2019
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Growth, consolidation moved Cogmedix from Worcester to West Boylston

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Chris Coghlin, president and CEO of Coghlin Cos.

Cogmedix is moving out of most of its 17 Briden St. facility in Worcester and into an 80,000-square-foot space in West Boylston. Meanwhile, Cogmedix will lease out the remaining portion of its Worcester building to life science incubator Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives. The new West Boylston facility will enable the company to continue growing at its current pace, including for up to 20 more employees in the near term, President and CEO Chris Coghlin recently told WBJ.

How long has Cogmedix been in search of a new headquarters?

We searched for about 12 months to consolidate three facilities into one in a single story, efficient facility conducive to our business.

How has growth forced the company to expand its space?

More customers and higher product volumes of burgeoning new technologies have driven our growth and need for expansion.

Why is Cogmedix keeping its space in Worcester and leasing it out to MBI?

Our business has all kinds of use for the high-bay portion of our 17 Briden St. facility. The space being leased to MBI is ideal for labs, incubators and office space making it an ideal situation for all. We are excited to have such a synergistic tenant!

Are you hiring more employees for the West Boylston facility?

Yes, we have hiring requisitions open for 15-20 caring associates at Cogmedix.

Did the company look elsewhere in Worcester for a new building?

We reviewed listings in Worcester and other surrounding areas to find an ideal facility to accommodate our business both now and in the future.

Was there just a lack of suitable buildings in Worcester?

The facility we identified in West Boylston was ideal to efficiently support our business currently and has room for future expansion as we grow. This, in addition to its close proximity to the Briden Street facility in Worcester made it ideal.

Was staying in Central Mass. a priority?

It was our No. 1 priority to stay in Central Massachusetts so we would remain in close proximity to our existing Worcester facility and most importantly in close proximity to where our treasured caring associates live and commute from.

This interview was conducted and edited for length and clarity by WBJ Staff Writer Zachary Comeau.


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