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Worcester State offering non-credit cannabis industry course

Zachary Comeau |

Worcester State University has begun offering a non-credit certificate for those looking to enter the state's newest industry.

Uxbridge, Athol find new revenue by embracing cannabis

Zachary Comeau |

Half of Massachusetts cities and towns have enacted or are considering a ban on recreational marijuana businesses, towns like Uxbridge and Athol have gone in the other direction.

Slower than expected rollout of recreational marijuana keeping prices high

Zachary Comeau |

When compared to other legal marijuana states, Massachusetts is far behind.

Build an innovation ecosystem

If Central Massachusetts can churn out more startups who turn out to be good investments, more of those venture capital dollars will start to swing in our direction.

Succession planning for Hispanic businesses


One often-overlooked step in ensuring the future of a business is to create a business succession plan – which is especially significant for family-owned firms.

Crimmin helping Becker find its niche

Grant Welker |

Nearing the end of her second year leading Becker College, Nancy Crimmin has helped the school play to its strengths, including a personal touch and renowned esports program.

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